Friday, October 30, 2015

A Haunting Tale for IFTA Procrastinators

It’s an early fall morning, October 31st to be exact, just before the hour of five. The temperature—a brisk 46 degrees. Halloween is officially here. But Willy has far more important things to worry about today; he just doesn’t know it yet…

He rolls over in the cab of his truck, fast asleep, thoroughly enjoying the miniature space heater he purchased back in September. But despite the cozy environment of his sleeper, Willy is in for a rude awakening.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Crap. Is it time to get up already?” he muttered to himself, knowing full and well the answer to his own question.

He began to stretch and let out a loud groan before finally allowing his brain to convince his body it was time to crawl out of bed. It was 5 a.m., and for Willy, that means time for work. Today he was to begin his journey out to California to drop off his next load.

As he maneuvered his way into the driver’s seat of the truck, back still aching from the 12 hours of driving the previous day, he had a thought, “I feel like there was something I was supposed to do today... Eh whatever, probably wasn’t that important.”

Well unfortunately, poor Willy is about to find out the hard way that he couldn’t be more wrong. He does have something to do today and it is very important.

Just as he was merging onto the highway... it happened. Ding! An alert popped up on his smartphone. “I thought I turned off this stupid alarm!” he screamed to himself—but to no avail. However, this time, it wasn’t his alarm...

“Oh it’s just RigMinders sending me a reminder that my 3rd quarter IFTA filing is due today,” he said, as his anger slowly began to dissipate from his unnecessary outburst. Then, all of a sudden, it hit him, “Wait!!! My 3rd quarter IFTA filing is due today!? How on earth am I gonna get that done from the road!?”

Willy didn’t know what to do. While grateful for the handy reminder of his 3rd quarter IFTA deadline, the fact that it was due today had completely slipped his mind.

Willy then proceeded to have a meltdown. He yelled, screamed, and cursed, face glowing red with frustration and rage as he vigorously pounded on his steering wheel.

But once he realized his childish tantrum was going to be in vain, he began to calm down. Willy knew he was going to have to come up with a way to get his IFTA return taken care of— and fast.

He began to brainstorm, thinking of any possible way he could get his return filed while driving across the country for the next several days. After several grueling hours spent pondering what to do, Willy had an epiphany.

“Wait… what was that service agency Rick Carlisle used to get his IFTA return filed?” He asked himself aloud. “Truck Services or somethin’ other… uhh… Truck Services of North America… wait! That’s it, Truck Services of North America!”

After his impressive display of short-term memory, Willy decided he would give Truck Services of North America a call, and see if they could help.

Luckily for Willy, they always come through. After sending over a quick email with his trip sheets, TSNAmerica was able to get his IFTA return filed for him, and more importantly, filed on time. So now, Willy can enjoy his Halloween night in peace without having to worry about any late filing penalties.

Expecting something a little scarier? Well too bad, this is as scary as it’s gonna get. Just a little friendly reminder from your friends at TSNAmerica to GET YOUR IFTA RETURN FILED! So don’t be like Willy. Be prepared and give us a call today (803.386.0320), and we’ll take the hassles of IFTA out of your way.

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