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How To Sleep Like A Trucking Baby OTR

TSNAmerica knows the importance of trucker health

When transitioning into the trucking industry, one of the hardest challenges can be getting enough sleep. We’ve all had days where we toss and turn all night and end up pretty grumpy at work the next day, however trucking tired is much worse.

Driving for hours is already exhausting, so not being able to get solid rest will only add to that frustration. We don’t want you to suffer, that’s why we’re here with a list of expert tips on how to sleep like a baby OTR.

How To Sleep Like A Trucking Baby OTR

First of all, we will let you know how important a good night of rest is by reminding you of the dangers of sleep deprivation. Driving tired is the equivalent of driving drunk! Plus, being tired leads to being confused and stressed.

Being tired also leads to slower reaction times and increased aggression. It also can lead to health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system, and much more.

To feel good, rested, and alert, you really need to catch the suggested 7 to 8 hours of Zs a night, so how do you do that in a truck?

Make it more comfortable by getting quality sleeping materials. Invest in a comfortable cab mattress that will support your back and don’t forget to pick a nice pillow too. Investing in proper bedding will make a major difference for your trucking career.

Have the right blankets and sheets for the season. Pick warm flannel sheets in the winter and cooler sheets in the summer. Also, make sure you have a heater if you need one, it’s hard to sleep when you’re too cold.
TSNAmerica shares the dangers of truckers driving tired

Trucking schedules will have you up drivng and sleeping at all hours. If you need to sleep during the day then make sure your rig is dark enough. Get blackout curtains to block out sunlight and bright parking lot lights at night.

Also, the glow of electronics could keep you up, so remember to turn them off before you lay down. You could also spend a few dollars on a comfortable sleeping mask to block out every source of light around you.

It can be very noisy at truck stops so if you’re a light sleeper be sure to get earplugs or noise canceling headphones to silence everything. However, if you can’t sleep if it’s too quiet then get a fan or use a white noise app on your phone.

You also need to park in the right location. If you pull off on the side of the road the vibrations of passing vehicles could shake your rig all night, and you might not feel safe or comfortable. Be sure to park at a well-lit truck stop. Investing in a parking spot in advance is worth it.

Sometimes it can be too hard to stop driving and go right to sleep, so give yourself some time to unwind. Talk a walk, stretch, read a book, or call your spouse to relax. Just avoid stimulants like gaming and bright screens.

You will also want to keep your cab nice and tidy. If there's a weird smell or huge mess it could keep you awake by bothering you on a subconscious level. Trust us, taking the time to get rid of clutter in your bunk makes a difference.

Good Night Trucker

By taking a moment to put a little effort into getting better rest you’ll realize how much of a major difference a great night of sleep makes. Your mind, energy, and health will be boosted so you can better focus on safe driving. Don’t be that grumpy trucker who is actually just tired!

Please share your tips on how to get good rest while OTR in the comment section below and visit TSNAmerica for more trucking blogs.

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