Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Upcoming Truck Inspection Dates You Need To Know

Trucker using CDL pre trip inspection CVSA
Just when you think we are out of the woods, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announces another inspection. If your rig is still operational, it is safe to assume you survived the CVSA Roadcheck 2018 last month. Here are the upcoming truck inspection dates you need to know.

Upcoming Truck Inspection Dates You Need To Know

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week

July 15-21, 2018
During this weeklong trucking blitz, enforcement personnel will be on the lookout for unsafe commercial and passenger vehicle drivers. Meaning the focus this year will be on traffic violations, seat belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections, and driver regulatory compliance.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) “Large Truck Crash Causation Study” states that “driver behavior is the critical reason for more than 88 percent of large truck crashes and 93 percent of passenger vehicle crashes.”

Driving behaviors that will be targeted during this blitz will include speeding, distracted driving, texting, failure to wear a seat belt, following too closely, lane change violations, failure to obey traffic lights, and more.

Last year 39,000 citations and warnings were issued to drivers during the Operation Safe Driver Week.

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week 

Sept 16-22, 2018

CVSA enforcement officers will conduct roadside Level I inspections on commercial motor vehicles during this weeklong blitz. Inspectors will focus on brake components, including loose or missing parts; air or hydraulic fluid leaks, rotor conditions, pushrod travel, air chamber sizes, air reservoirs, and other brake components. If the officer finds critical brake violations, your rig will be placed out of service immediately.

The CVSA stated in a press release, “Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe CMV operation. Brakes must be routinely inspected and carefully and consistently maintained, so they operate and perform to the manufacturer’s specifications throughout the life of the vehicle. Improperly installed or poorly maintained brake systems can reduce braking efficiency, posing a serious risk to public safety on our roadways.”

Last year 14% of trucks inspected during the one-day brake safety blitz were placed out of service for critical brake violations.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

The IRS Form 2290 Filing Season is Here!

Trucker in yellow truck using TSNA for HVUT 2290 tax filing
If you are an owner-operator with a registered heavy highway use vehicle in your name, you are required to file IRS Form HVUT to receive your stamped Schedule 1. July 1st marks the start of the IRS Form 2290 filing season. You can now submit your IRS Form 2290 and receive your stamped Schedule 1 in just a matter of minutes.

The IRS Form 2290 Filing Season is Here!

You will need to enter the following information to start your Form 2290 filing:
  • Business Name & Address
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number 
  • Gross Taxable Weight
  • Authorized signatory details

If you are going to pay the IRS via direct debit, be sure to have your routing and account number ready.

Please Note: Even though it is titled the Employer Identification Number, you must have one for Form 2290 filing. You will not be able to use your SSN (Social Security Number) to file your road tax 2290.
When you choose TSNAmerica to file your IRS Form 2290, we will file over the phone for you. Give us a call at 803.386.0320 and talk to one of our friendly US-based bilingual support team members.

Once we have your business and truck information, we will file your IRS Form 2290 on your behalf. You will then receive a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 in just a matter of minutes via email.

Call TSNAmerica and File My IRS Form 2290:

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