Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from TSNA

May the good times and treasures of the present
become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Truck Services of North America wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year!

*Note: Our office will be closed today, Monday, December 31 & tomorrow, Tuesday, January 1 for New Year’s but we will still offer limited email support.
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Reminder Updated Kentucky Ad Valorem Fee Conversion Factor

The following was posted on the IRP website at

The Kentucky ad valorem fee conversion factor will change effective Jan. 1, 2013.

For more information see the memo and updated conversion factor table.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Tipton, branch manager, Kentucky Licensing and Registration at (502) 564-1257.

Truck Services of North America works to help you stay informed of changes in laws that affect you.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

California is Transitioning to Mandatory IFTA E-Filing

Board of Equalization is going paperless and transitioning IFTA license holders into mandatory E-Filing of their Quarterly IFTA Returns.  Many carrier already E-File their returns and all are encouraged to.  The BOE plans to require all IFTA carrier to E-File by the end of 2013.

In addition to filing online, you can also register for a new account, register for California Fuel Trip Permits and coming soon you will be able to renew and request additional decals, and pay your IFTA taxes among other services.

Feeling a little overwhelmed or intimidated by the computer?  No worries, just give TSNA a call and we’ll take care of your IFTA Quarterly Return, obtaining your IFTA license, renewing, ordering additional decal and more for you.

Find more information in the Board of Equalization Motor Carrier Office Newsletter or contact us.  As a premier processing agency, Truck Services of North America can assist with renewing and filing your Quarterly IFTA Returns.  TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way. For more details contact us at or call 803.386.0320.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Get Prepared For 4th Quarter IFTA Filing

If you have the IFTA license, you must file the Quarterly IFTA tax return to your base jurisdiction, even if the licensee does not operate or purchase any taxable fuel in an IFTA member jurisdiction during the specific quarter. You will need to separate your mileage and fuel records for each fuel type.  December 31, 2012 is the end of the 4th Quarter for IFTA and the deadline to file your return is January 31, 2013.

What you need:
  1. Mileage log-whether you use manual trip sheets, GPS, or electronic trip sheets; it is not only necessary to have in order to file your quarterly IFTA, but you will need these if you are ever audited.
  2. Fuel Receipts-you will need to know how many gallons of fuel were purchased in each state.
In addition to IFTA, if you travel in Kentucky, New York, New Mexico or Oregon you will also need to file a Weight Distance Tax Return, in each state and that deadline is also January 31, 2013.

New York Highway Use Tax (NYHUT) 
  • Carriers operating certain commercial motor vehicles that weigh 18,000 lbs or greater in New York are required to register and obtain NYHUT tax credentials. Once a NYHUT account has been established, carriers must file and pay mileage tax on a quarterly basis.  
Kentucky Use Tax (KYU Number) 
  • All commercial motor vehicles (except buses) with a gross weight of 60,000 lbs and over traveling into or through Kentucky must be registered with the state. Carriers with an active KYU Number are then required to file a quarterly return and pay mileage taxes to Kentucky. New qualifying vehicles must be listed with Kentucky prior to the vehicle entering the state. Temporary permits are also available.
New Mexico Weight Distance Tax 
  • All commercial motor vehicles with a gross weight in excess of 26,000 lbs. must be registered with the state before traveling into or through New Mexico. Entrance can be paid at the port if not registered; however, it is not cost effective to pay at the port unless you travel through New Mexico only once or twice per year. Once a Weight Distance Tax account in New Mexico is established quarterly reports must be filed and mileage tax paid.
Oregon Weight-Mile Tax 
  • All commercial carriers with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,001 lbs. must obtain a temporary or annual permit to travel into or through Oregon. Oregon does not belong to the International Fuel Tax Agreement; however, a proper tax permit must be obtained before entering this state. Heavy fines are imposed on carriers entering into Oregon without the proper credentials.
  • Oregon requires all new entrants to become bonded before permanent credentials are issued. Bonds may be placed by a Surety Company or posted with cash. The size of your fleet will determine the amount of the bond required.
As a premier processing agency, Truck Services of North America can assist with your your IFTA, NY HUT, KYU, New Mexico and Oregon Weight Distance Taxes.  TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way. For more details contact us at or call 803.386.0320.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas From TSNA

Each year during the holiday season we take great pleasure in setting aside our regular duties to send a heartfelt message to our customers. We are blessed by each relationship that makes our business possible.

Our Holiday Schedule:
Monday, December 24 & Tuesday, December 25, Closed for Christmas
Monday, December 31 & Tuesday, January 1,  Closed for New Year’s
We will still offer limited email support on these dates.

*NOTE: If you need to file your Form 2290 for vehicles first used during the month of November, be advised that the IRS has a scheduled shutdown beginning on Wednesday, December 26 and ending on Monday, January 7, 2013. Returns can only be filed at the field office Dec 26 through Jan 7. To avoid having to go the IRS office, we suggest filing before December 26.

A sincere thank you for your business and we look forward to assisting you in the upcoming year.  From everyone at Truck Services of North America, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

IFTA Renewal Deadline And Grace Period Clarification

IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement between the 48 contiguous States and 10 Canadian Provinces, where the member jurisdictions act cooperatively to administer and collect motor fuel use taxes.

The purpose of IFTA is to establish and maintain the concept of one fuel use license and one administering base jurisdiction for each license holder (licensee). Under IFTA, you only have to report to one state and the state allocate the fuel tax payments.  For more details see

The IFTA license is renewed annually and due December 31, 2012.  Some states mail renewal papers out, but be aware that some states no longer mail out renewal papers.  The renewal process varies from state to state with some states offering online renewal and others require electronic renewals, while others renew IFTA licenses automatically as long as the carrier is current with quarterly filings and any monies due.

Your IFTA license will not be renewed if your account is not in good standing.  What that means is you are current with your Quarterly IFTA filing and no money is due.  If you missed any quarterly filing, you will want to file immediately so your IFTA license will be renewed.

We have received many calls regarding the “grace period” for IFTA Credentials.  And we must not be the only ones because the IFTA Association released a memorandum on November 15, 2012 to clarify this subject.

Their memo states:
Please be advised that IFTA License Renewals for 2013 MUST BE FILED WITH YOUR BASE JURISDICTION BEFORE THE END OF 2012.  The two-month grace period is for display of renewal credentials, not to file your renewal application for those credentials.

See the full memo for specific details. If you have not already renewed your IFTA credentials you need to do so before December 31, 2012 to avoid possible penalties.   

If you do not receive renewal papers in the mail, it does not mean you do not have to renew.  You are still responsible to renew your IFTA license by the December 31st deadline.  Carriers renewing their IFTA license and decals have a two-month grace period (January and February) to display the renewal IFTA license and decals
The two month grace period is for display of renewal credentials, not to file your renewal application for those credentials. Renew your IFTA license on time to avoid possible penalties.

As a premier processing agency, Truck Services of North America can assist with renewing your IFTA.  TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way. For more details contact us at or call 803.386.0320.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trucking Start Up Services

Interested becoming an independent owner operator? Getting your own operating authority gives you the freedom and ability to run your own operation. In addition to getting your authority, you will be required to register your vehicle and set up the necessary tax accounts, in order to run legally.

At Truck Services of North America, we have packages to assist you and can customize a package to meet your individual needs.  We offer many services, and here a few:

Also referred to as an "MC","FF" or "MX" number, depending on the type of authority that is granted. Generally, 'for-hire' carriers engaging in interstate are required to have Interstate Authority Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). TSNA has the expertise to get you your federal authority - quickly and accurately.

Intrastate trucking authority is the right granted by a state to commence for hire trucking operations within the borders of that specific state. A company that is only engaged in intrastate activities does not need to register with IRP or IFTA.

Companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the FMCSA and must have a USDOT Number. The USDOT Number is a unique identifier used to monitor your company’s safety and compliance during inspections and audits. FMCSA regulations require that all companies and individuals transporting passengers or cargo across state lines using commercial vehicles with a total gross or combined weight of 10,000 lbs or more must register with the FMCSA and obtain a USDOT number. Many states now require ALL commercial vehicle registrants to obtain an USDOT number, including intrastate carriers.

Companies required to obtain a USDOT number must re-file appropriate documentation biennially or in the event the company needs to update information with the FMCSA.

The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program is a federally-mandated, annual state-administered registration program. In 2007, Congress replaced the Single State Registration System (SSRS) with the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) program. The UCR agreement requires all interstate carriers, freight forwarders, leasing companies and brokers based in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to register and submit an annual filing. Those registered under the UCR agreement are also subject to annual fees based on the total number of commercial vehicles operated by the company.

Federal regulations require all motor carriers, brokers and freight forwarders to have a current BOC-3 form on file with the FMCSA. The BOC-3 is used to designate process agents (also known as BOC-3 agents) in every state in which the business operates. The process agent serves as a representative for your business in the event that legal documents or court papers must be served.

As a premier process service agency, Truck Services of North America provides the services and tools to help start your business and keep it compliant. Let TSNA navigate your business through the maze of paperwork! Check out all our services at Don’t see what you are looking for?  No problem, simply fill out the Service Request Form and note the service you require in the message section and we will contact you for details.  Of course you can always email us at or call 803.386.0320. TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Information Is Required on IFTA Distance Records?

Detailed distance records which show operations on an individual-vehicle basis must contain, but not be limited to:
  • Taxable and non-taxable usage of fuel;
  • Distance traveled for taxable and non-taxable use; and
  • Distance recaps for each vehicle for each jurisdiction in which the vehicle operated. 
An acceptable distance accounting system is required and supporting information should include:
  • Date of trip (starting and ending);
  • Trip origin and destination;
  • Route of travel (may be waived by base jurisdiction);
  • Beginning and ending odometer or hubodometer reading of the trip (may be waived by base jurisdiction);
  • Total trip miles/kilometers;
  • Miles/kilometers by jurisdiction;
  • Unit number or vehicle identification number;
  • Vehicle fleet number;
  • Registrant's name; and
  • may include additional information at the discretion of the base jurisdiction.     
As a premier processing agency, Truck Services of North America, makes it simple by preparing and filing your quarterly returns for you. TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way! Contact us today at or call 803.386.0320 to get your account set up.
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