Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Checklist: Everything Your Business Needs To Start 2015 Strong!

You know that gnawing feeling, when you just know that you’ve forgotten something, but you don’t know what?

It’s not a pleasant feeling to have, particularly when it involves your business. Maintaining your own operating authority, or that of multiple trucks in a fleet, is no small task.

With numerous taxes, registrations, and renewals to file continually throughout the year, it’s pretty easy to overlook something!

That’s why your friends at Truck Services of North America have made a list! (Yes, we checked it twice…) It’s everything your business needs to start 2015 out strong!

Many items on this Checklist are due by tomorrow 12/31. While it may be too late to get it submitted on time, it’s not too late for damage control! Minimize penalties by getting on top of it today.

TSNAmerica can help get you back on track, whether you’re behind on quarterly IFTA filings, or you need temporary fuel permits to cover a gap. Let’s dive in to our ultimate 2015 New Year’s Checklist!

1. IFTA License Renewals- Due 12/31

  • IFTA license renewals are due in all states tomorrow. If you’re an interstate carrier with a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds or with 3 or more axles, then you are required to carry a valid IFTA license and display credentials in the cab of each vehicle. 
  • If you submitted your renewal application on time, then your vehicles will be covered under the grace period for the display of new credentials throughout Jan. & Feb. of 2015–but only as long as your 2014 credentials are still displayed. 
  • If you did not submit your renewal application on time, or if you have outstanding returns to be filed or taxes owed, then you must obtain temporary permits for each state your intend to travel through until your valid 2015 credentials arrive.

2. UCR Renewals- Due 12/31

  • Also required for all interstate carriers with commercial vehicles weighing at least 10,001 pounds, the Unified Carrier Registration renewal is due by tomorrow. 
  • The renewal fees will be based on the number of vehicles in your fleet. Unlike IFTA, you will not be required to display credentials on your vehicle. 
  • If your business headquarters has moved, now is the time to change your UCR base state. Advanced notice must be given to your current state. Call TSNAmerica for help with the transition!

3. IRP Renewals- Due 12/31

  • Following the same requirements as IFTA, the International Registration Plan is mandatory for all interstate carriers with vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds or with 3 or more axles.
  • While IRP renewal deadlines are different in every state, the following states have all IRP renewals due tomorrow 12/31: Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon & Wyoming. 
  • For states with staggered renewal deadlines (based on when you first registered), many have a deadline of 12/31 as well. These staggered deadline states are Arizona, Missouri, Montana & Utah. Check your IRP credentials if you’re unsure when your renewal application is due.

4. Intrastate Authority Renewals- Due 12/31

  • The following states require intrastate authority renewals by 12/31: Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi & Rhode Island.
  • Each state has a different renewal procedure (E-filing, mail, etc.) and each has unique requirements. Check out this blog, for more information about renewing your intrastate authority. 
  • In addition to a renewal application and fee payment, most states also require proof of current insurance and that your business be in good standing before you will be allowed to renew. 
  • Ready to cross state lines? If your business is ready to transition to interstate, TSNAmerica can help make the transition smooth. Check out our deluxe authority packages!

5. 4th Quarter IFTA Filings- Due 01/31/15

  • Tomorrow is the close of the fourth IFTA quarter! Have you been keeping precise fuel and mileage records for the past 3 months?
  • Whether the answer is yes, no, or somewhere in between, the good news is, you still have a few weeks to get your act together–and we can help!
  • Late Penalties: The January deadline will be here before you know it! Avoid late fees by getting on top of IFTA now by using a program like ExpressIFTA to prepare your returns. 
  • Or just have TSNAmerica prepare your return for you! That means zero calculations for you! We’ll prepare the form based on your trip sheets, and then submit it directly to your state. 
  • IFTA Audits: Check out these tips for avoiding the dreaded IFTA audit! 
In addition to these five titans, don’t forget about other requirements specific to your state, such as the New Mexico Weight Distance and Oregon Weight Receipt Renewals. Whether you need to file a state use tax like these or one of the big interstate renewals above, Truck Services of North America knows the requirements for your state and can file everything you need fast.

View our service packages at Then send us a Service Request Form, call us at 803.386.0320, or email us 24/7 at We’re ready and eager to help you make 2015 the best year yet! Cheers!
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from Truck Services of North America!

The Truck Services of North America family would like to wish you and yours a magical and very Merry Christmas!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we hope that you can find the time to take a break and cherish the ones you love. Even if you’re away from home or OTR, a simple phone call can still make someone’s Christmas brighter and make any place feel more like home!

Our offices will be closed this Thursday 12/25 & Friday 12/26 so that we can spend time with our loved ones. We hope that you will be able to do the same. But if you need us, we will still be providing 24/7 emergency email support through the holiday! Just email at In the meantime if you need anything at all, call us at 803.386.0320.

If you’re just too busy with holiday madness to finish up your end-of-year paperwork, don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand! Even though it’s getting down to the wire, we can still file everything you need extra fast (with a little help from Santa and his elves).

Here’s what you may need to file by 12/31:
Thank you again for supporting our USA-based business. Your support and referrals mean the world to us, and thanks to you, 2014 has been a fantastic year! Here’s to making 2015 even better together!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The IFTA Renewal Deadline Approaches: Only 2 Weeks Left!

Today officially marks the one-week countdown to Christmas AND the two-week countdown to
December 31st. You know what that means!

No, New Year’s Eve isn’t the only end-of-month event we are referring to.

December 31st is also the deadline for UCR Renewals, IRP Renewals in some states, and of course, the big one–IFTA license renewals across the board!

All of these renewal deadlines are just looming on the horizon, menacingly! If you’ve been procrastinating, it’s time to get in gear and start renewing. All of that paperwork isn’t going to fill itself out (unfortunately, but we are working on the technology for that.)

Until there’s such a technological breakthrough, your friends at TSNAmerica can help you file all of your renewals–but don’t wait another day! Time is rapidly running out for IFTA license renewals.

Here’s why:

  • Many participating IFTA states require that you submit your renewal application well before the December 31st deadline. That means you need to submit the application asap!
  • Moreover, many State Offices will be closed for the entire week between Christmas and New Years. If that’s the case in your state, you may need to have your application in by Christmas Eve.
  • While a grace period was issued by the IFTA Association CEO, Lonette L. Turner, the grace period only covers the display of your new 2015 IFTA credentials.

    Renewal applications are still due by December 31st, and the grace period will only cover your old credentials if you submitted your renewal on-time. Otherwise, you may be required to obtain temporary permits for every state you plan to operate in until your new 2015 credentials arrive.
At Truck Services of North America, we are experts in filing paperwork super-fast and at the last minute. But we are only human! While we’ve worked a few filing miracles in our day, we file on a first-come, first-served basis, and in some cases, our ability to submit before the deadline is determined by the filing requirements in each state. While some states require electronic filing, others require hard-copies via postal mail, which means we need your information much sooner to account for a pre-deadline delivery.

That’s just one more reason why it’s important to stop saving your renewals for a rainy day, and start typing away! We know that with your busy schedule, that’s easier said than done. So if you just have too much to handle with the Holidays and your business’s end-of-year financials, then at least let us lighten your load. We can take your IFTA renewals, or even 4th quarter IFTA filings, off your plate and off of your mind.

Get started now by calling one of our service pro’s at 803.386.0320 or email us for 24/7 assistance at

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Intrastate Authority Renewals: Due by December 31st!

The Renewal Season continues! Interstate carriers with their IFTA, IRP, and UCR license renewals aren’t the only ones with December deadlines approaching.

Intrastate carriers are also in the throes of renewal season, with several states requiring that intrastate operating authorities be renewed before the end of December.

(Remember, interstate refers to travel across state lines or internationally, while intrastate travel is within the boundaries of a state only. To see the different requirements for intrastate v. interstate carriers, check out this blog!)

Don’t let the deadline, with it’s fees and penalties, catch you unaware! See below if your state requires you to renew your intrastate authority by December 31st!

Georgia- GIMC Renewal

  • The Georgia Intrastate Motor Carrier (GIMC) license must be renewed annually by the end of December. This license grants you intrastate authority, that is the authority to pick-up and drop-off loads within Georgia state lines only. For interstate authority, an MC#, IRP, UCR, and IFTA license must be obtained instead.
  • Upon renewal, you will need to present current proof of insurance, and if you are a non-citizen, proof of ID and a signed GSICA affidavit must also be presented each year.


  • Private carriers hauling nonhazardous materials do not need to renew. If you’re a licensed hazmat carrier, call TSNAmerica for details on renewing your license!


  • Due by December 31st, your Kansas Interstate Authority cannot be renewed if you don’t have valid insurance on file. You also will not be allowed to renew if your authority is not in good standing. 
  • You may renew by mail (if they mailed you a packet) or online. If you choose to renew online, note that you must have a printer to print your credentials. They will not be mailed to you, unless you have TSNA file for you! We’ll file and send you the credentials ASAP!


  • Paperwork must be mailed back (postmarked by Dec. 31st) with a fee of $25, plus an additional $10 per vehicle you’re renewing. 
  • Kentucky also requires a separate intrastate fuel decal. TSNAmerica can help you renew both your authority and KY INTRA Fuel decals!


  • Your state should’ve sent you the renewal packet back in October. Forms must be completed and either mailed back or walked into the office no later than December 31st. Failure to return or postmark your renewal by then will result in a denial of your request, and your authority will be revoked.


  • Renewal packets were sent out Nov. 1st. Forms must be completed and mailed back with appropriate payment by December 31st. There is a fee of $10 per vehicle you’re renewing. 

Rhode Island

  • Renewals must be mailed back by Dec. 31st with payment for a $100 fee, plus an additional $20 per vehicle. 

In addition to the renewal form and fee payment, most states also require proof of current insurance and that your business be in good standing.

Truck Services of North America can help you file your intrastate authority renewal before the deadline! Or if you need to obtain your intrastate operating authority for the first time, we can do that and more. We have deluxe services packages that will cover everything you need to obtain your authority and get your business running fast.

Planning a switch? If you plan to transition from intrastate to interstate trucking this New Year, let us know, and we’ll show you the ropes! Venturing into interstate authority can be tricky as it opens up the registration-filled wide world of MC#, IFTA, IRP, and UCR. Luckily, your friends at TSNAmerica are no strangers to these requirements, and we can make the transition a smooth one!

Don’t wait until Deadline Day! Call us today at 803.386.0320 or email us at to speak to one of our service pro’s in Rock Hill, SC.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Countdown to December 31st: UCR & IFTA Renewal Reminders

The closer 2015 gets, the faster the days seem to fly by! It seems like Thanksgiving was just yesterday, but if you can believe it, there’s only about 2 weeks until Christmas!

With Christmas just weeks away, that means it’s time to confront the harsh reality that December 31st–with it’s plethora of deadlines–is rushing upon us!

Is panic slowly setting in?

No, I don’t want to dampen your Christmas spirit, but it’s important to take a break from ordering gifts on Amazon to get your renewals, and everything else you need to maintain your authority, taken care of asap! And with help from your friends at TSNAmerica, filing your renewals will seem much less daunting!

So let’s take a quick break from decking those halls and go through a quick rundown of the essentials for the two yearly renewal giants: UCR & IFTA.


  • Due by Wednesday, December 31st (at the latest)!
  • The Unified Carrier Registration is a federally-mandated registration for commercial vehicles weighing a minimum of 10,001 pounds. Though only 41 states currently participate in UCR, interstate and international carriers from these non-participating states are still required to register with UCR and choose a base state nearby. 
  • This registration must be renewed annually, and the fees due are determined by the number of vehicles used by your company (or leased for a period exceeding 30 days). 
  • Though you’ll receive new renewal credentials each year, these credentials need not be displayed on your vehicle. In fact, it is illegal to do so. 
  • The registration renewal period is the time you must change your base state if your business headquarters has moved to another state. Remember, you must provide advanced notice of the change to your current base state.


  • Due by (or before!) Wednesday, December 31st!
  • The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a fuel tax levied on interstate carriers in the 48 contiguous United States and 10 provinces of Canada. Rather than pay fuel tax to each individual state you operate in, IFTA simplifies this process by allowing you to make a single tax payment to your base state each quarter. Your base in turn distributes the funds to other states in proportion to the mileage you accrued there.
  • You must register for an IFTA license and report your fuel use and distance records each quarter if you’re an interstate carrier with a qualifying vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds or with three or more axles. 
  • If you’re already an IFTA registrant, don’t forget to keep precise fuel and mileage records. “Fudging” these numbers leads to IFTA audits. Check out these helpful tips on how to keep immaculate IFTA records and avoid the dreaded audit. Of course, if you have TSNAmerica prepare your IFTA returns for you, we know to check for all of these errors! Just one more step to ensure you’re safe!
  • The IFTA license must be renewed annually; however, your license will only be renewed if your IFTA account is in good standing. That means you must have already submitted a return for every quarter AND paid all of the taxes due. Until you do both, you cannot renew. If you’re stuck in the past with overdue IFTA returns, call TSNAmerica, and we’ll help you file fast and get back on track!
  • Some states require that you submit your renewal weeks before the deadline to ensure time for processing, so it’s crucial to not wait until the last minute!
  • But we know that procrastination happens, and the IFTA Association knows it too. That’s why they’ve put a grace period in place to cover those without new credentials during Jan. and Feb. of 2015. 
  • The grace period only applies to those who filed their renewal application prior to the deadline! If you miss the Dec. 31st cut off, you are required to have a temporary permit for each state you plan to travel through until your new credentials arrive. If you need temporary permits, TSNAmerica can get you the hook up! We can get you every permit you need filed in record time!

How do you stack up with this checklist? Noticed a few big things you’ve overlooked? No matter what the issue is, Truck Services of North America has the expertise to eliminate your increasing paperwork and make sure you kick off the New Year on the right foot!

Check out all of our services at, then call us today at 803.386.0320 or send us an email

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