Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Resolve To Use A Better TMS This Year

Truckers using TruckLogics trucking management software in 2020
We all know 2019 wasn’t the easiest year for trucking. Numerous trucking companies were forced to shutter their operations last year. 

There are many theories about why 2019 was such a rough year for trucking, but one thing is sure: you need to be at the top of your game going into 2020.

To survive in trucking in 2020, you need a trucking management software (TMS) that can handle recurring issues like invoicing and dispatching, while also adding innovative features like automated check calls and load tracking.

Luckily for you, TruckLogics TMS can do all that and so much more.

Invoicing & dispatching with a TMS

TruckLogics TMS allows you to dispatch specific loads by assigning them to specific drivers and specific trucks. All of the load information and documentation can be entered and tracked in one central place.

Keeping track of all the moving parts of your operation is even simpler with the free TruckLogics mobile app. With the TruckLogics, your drivers can update check calls and upload fuel expenses while on the road.

And then, when your dispatch is complete, TruckLogics will create an invoice for you that you can fax, print, or email to your customers, brokers, or factoring companies. They even have options for complex LTL loads in our trucking management software.

Load tracking with a TMS

When your drivers use the free TruckLogics mobile app, you can see them traveling in real-time. You can even see if they have deviated from the originally planned route.

Similarly, the TruckLogics mobile app can be set up to automatically update your client based on the location of your truck. This automated check calls can cut down on lots of unnecessary confusion.

Truckers using TruckLogics trucking management software in 2020

IFTA reporting with a TMS

TruckLogics trucking management software will also keep track of the mileage each truck is accruing and the fuel purchases made for it. Then, at the end of every quarter, you can generate automatically calculated reports for IFTA filing.

Try TruckLogics

You can see just how much time TruckLogics can save you with a 15-day free trial! There’s no credit card information required and no obligation. Start 2020 off on a good note by signing up for a trucking management software today!

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