Monday, March 3, 2014

IFTA Decal Grace Period Ended

The deadline to renew your 2014 IFTA license was December 31, 2013, but most states recognize a grace period to display your 2014 decals. Be advised, the grace period to display 2014 IFTA decals ended on February 28, 2014.  While some states renew IFTA licenses automatically if accounts are in good standing, most states requires renewal paperwork to be submitted either by mail, in person or online.

If you have NOT renewed or displayed your 2014 IFTA decals, you will want to do so immediately to avoid possible fines and/or penalties.  Those fines and/or penalties may vary from state to state.

Note: Your IFTA license will not be renewed if your account is not in good standing.  What that means is you are current with your Quarterly IFTA filings and have paid all taxes, penalties and interest due.  If you missed any quarterly filings, you will want to file immediately so you will be able to renew your 2014 IFTA license.

If you have not renewed your 2014 IFTA license or have outstanding quarterly tax returns, contact Truck Services of North America. As a premier processing agency, TSNAmerica not only can assist with renewing your IFTA license and filing your quarterly returns on your behalf, but we also keep you compliant by reminding you of the quarterly filing deadlines.

March is the final month of first quarter 2014 and the filing deadline will be April 30, 2014. Prepare now to avoid the stress of rushing around at the last minute to meet the deadline.  

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