Thursday, November 13, 2014

2015 IFTA Renewal Period: Now through December 31st

The end of the year is creeping ever-closer! And with the approaching new year comes the time for registration renewals.

We’re in the midst of several open renewal periods right now, IRP being one of them. If you’re based in Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, or Wyoming, then your International Registration Plan renewal deadline is coming up on December 31st. And then, of course, there’s UCR! The Unified Carrier Registration must also be renewed by December 31st.

But we can’t forget the big one, the one Fuel Tax to rule them all! IFTA license renewals are due by–you guessed it–December 31st!

Between IRP, UCR, IFTA, other state-specific requirements, AND the holidays approaching, interstate truckers have their work cut out for them! If you’re an interstate trucker, then right about now you’re probably looking at these due dates and screaming incoherently, and maybe even tossing in a few saltier words, for good measure.

Stifle those screams, and dry those tears...and wash your mouth out with soap! TSNAmerica has all of the information you need to make it through the end of the year–with your sanity in tact!

Here’s everything you need to know about filing your 2015 IFTA License Renewal. And if this seems like too much to handle, we can always take care of it for you. Hooray!

  • What is IFTA? Do I need it? The International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement between the 48 contiguous United States and 10 provinces of Canada for the collection and distribution of fuel taxes. This tax applies to commercial carriers that operate qualifying vehicles internationally or across state lines, in other words, interstate. A qualifying vehicle is one that weighs over 26,000 pounds or that has three or more axles, regardless of weight.

    If you’re an interstate carrier with a qualifying vehicle, then you must 1.) register for IFTA, 2.) display credentials according to the laws of your state, 3.) file quarterly tax returns, and 4.) keep precise mileage and fuel use records.
  • 50 Shades of IFTA: Each state has its own set of requirements for quarterly IFTA filings and for the renewal of licenses. Some states will send you renewal notifications and instructions. Some will leave you to fend for yourself!

    States also vary in their renewal methods, with some using electronic or online channels, others requiring paper copies via postal mail, and still others that automatically renew your license for you if your account is in good standing.

    The filing due date is a bit of a gray area too. IFTA licenses are valid between January 1 and December 31st of each year, with license renewals due by December 31st; however, some states require that you submit your renewal application well before the December 31st deadline to allow time for processing prior to the close of the year.

    No matter what your state requires, it’s your responsibility to be familiar with the requirements and file correctly and before December 31st. The silver-lining is, we already know the requirements for each state and can file the renewal for you!
  • They’ve Made a List & Checked it Twice: Your IFTA base state knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, a naughty late-filer that is. To renew your IFTA license, your account must be in good standing. This means you cannot have any outstanding tax owed, and you must have filed for every quarter. If you missed a quarter, you are required to submit your report and pay any tax owed before you’ll be allowed to renew. The sooner you do it, the lesser the penalties and interest accrued.

    And more good news here- TSNAmerica will prepare the return for you based on your trip sheets, and we’ll submit it to your state. We’re friends with the IFTA elves in every base jurisdiction, so we can get you back on the “Nice” list extra fast.
  • Saving Grace: The IFTA board smiles upon you! There is a grace period, but as we previously covered, it’s for the display of 2015 IFTA credentials only. Absolutely all renewal applications are due by (or in some cases weeks before) December 31st. However, if you don’t receive your new license and decals in time for Jan. 1, you’ll be fine. As long as you display valid 2014 credentials and you’ve already filed your renewal, then you’ll be covered under the grace period through January and February of 2015.

If you aren’t sure what your base jurisdiction’s requirements are, TSNAmerica can help! We’ve filed enough IFTA renewals to stretch to the moon and back. Let us use that knowledge and experience to help you file on time. 

Don’t wait until the last minute! Call us today at 803.386.0320 or email us at We’ll make sure the only paperwork you have to worry about this season is wrapping paper (or tissue paper, if you’re extra fancy).

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