Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Winter Emergency Equipment Truckers Should Carry

What a winter we’re having. It’s really started off with a bang, causing record-breaking freezes all over the nation. New York has been below freezing for days and snow is seriously pounding the east coast. Even Georgia is getting iced over.

You have to be careful out there trucking through these serious winter conditions and we hope you’re able to stay safe and warm. You never know what to really expect from mother nature may throw at you, so make sure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

Winter Emergency Equipment Truckers Should Carry

It’s extremely important to have extra clothes with you to stay warm and dry, especially during the winter. You will need an extra coat, hat, socks, and gloves. Make sure that these items are waterproof and functional so you’ll be able to make repairs with your gear on.

You will also want a lightweight jacket, sweaters, and a heavier insulated coat. This will give you the ability to wear layers so you will be able to stay warmer. You will also be able to remove layers if you feel too hot.

Last but not least, while packing extra clothes, don’t forget about extra underwear. It will really come in handy if you get stuck somewhere for a few days.

Make sure you have enough blankets. You could even carry an electric one with you to stay extra warm. A hot and dry place to sleep could make a major difference after a long day.

Make sure you’re prepared with enough food and water if you get stuck somewhere for a few days. Take non-perishable foods like canned items and beef jerky. Just don’t forget the can opener.

Also, carry matches or a lighter to create a fire if you need to, but have a fire extinguisher to put out unwanted flames. Another great safety tool to have is a multi-purpose utility knife with a seatbelt cutter and point to break glass.

Remember to have a good first aid kit on hand as well. It should have antibacterial ointment, bandages, scissors, band-aids, and baby wipes. You could keep some aspirin for emergencies too.

No one likes o be without their electronics, especially during an emergency. That’s why you should have extra batteries for your phone, flashlight, and more. You should also have a hand crank radio and solar-powered chargers for your favorite devices.

If you have things you can’t go a day without like daily medication or coffee, be sure to take an extra amount with you during your trip so you won’t run out during an emergency. Plus, daily hygiene items to keep you looking and smelling fresh are great to have.

Winter is dark so if you get in an accident chances are that visibility will be low and other drivers won't be able to see you. That’s why you need to turn your flashers on and you should have flares to put out if necessary.

Stay Safe And Warm

Thanks again for all of your hard work trucking through snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. We hope you will be able to stay safe and warm, but please be prepared in case an emergency happens.

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