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You Need To Know How To File 2290 Form 2018 by August 31st

Trucker filing 2290 tax due

The August 31st deadline for filing 2290 Form 2018 is coming at us full force. We have fastened our seatbelts and are ready for the race to deadline day but want to make sure you are prepared to file by the Form 2290 due date. Failing to file IRS Form 2290 will result in some pretty hefty penalties from the IRS that can easily be avoided when you file using TSNAmerica and obtain your Schedule 1 Form 2290. Today, we will provide you with a quick IRS Form 2290 crash course because, at the end of the day, you need to know how to file 2290 Form 2018 by August 31st.

You Need To Know How To File 2290 Form 2018 by August 31st

Filing IRS Form 2290 is not as hard as you may think, especially when you file over the phone with TSNAmerica. Before you rush to pick up the phone to call us, it is essential to know if you are required to file and what information is needed to successfully transmit your 2290 Form 2018 to the IRS. 

Who is Required to File

Owner-operators who have a vehicle with more than 55,000 pounds in gross weight must file a 2290 Form 2018. Filing this form and paying your heavy highway use taxes will also result in you receiving a Schedule 1 Form 2290. You must have this document to renew your tags with the DMV or register for IFTA, IRP, or UCR.

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What is the Form 2290 Due Date?

IRS Form 2290 is due on *drumroll please*... THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST! Yes, you read correctly. You have until midnight on Friday to file.

IRS Form 2290 DeadlineCountdown

Information Needed To File

You’re going to love this part. You will only need five pieces of information to file a 2290 Form 2018. Take a few moments to gather the following information before giving us a call: 
  1. Business Name & Address
  2. EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  3. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number
  4. Gross Taxable Weight
  5. Authorized Signatory Details

How To File Your 2290 Form 2018

Filing 2290 Form 2018 at the last minute is super easy. Why? Because when you give us a call at TSNAmerica, we file for you over the phone. After being greeted by one of our friendly US-based bilingual support team members, you will be prompted to provide the information need to file (listed above), and in just 5-10 minutes you will complete your annual filing requirements and receive a digital copy of your stamped Schedule 1 Form 2290 via email. It really is that simple!

Now that you know how to file 2290 Form 2018 give us a call today while you still have time! Our team is standing by ready to assist you so you can get back to what you enjoy most!

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