Monday, October 7, 2013

Broker & Freight Forwarder Bond Requirement Changes

The document addresses the increase in financial security requirements for Brokers and Freight Forwarders, to $75,000 beginning October 1, 2013.  All brokers and freight forwarders must file new BMC-84 or BMC-85 forms with the FMCSA reflecting the new $75,000 minimum financial security amount, using a surety bond company that is approved by the Treasury Department.

The FMCSA is providing a 60-day phase-in period that began October 1, 2013. The FMSCA will mail notifications to all brokers and freight forwarders that have not met the $75,000 minimum financial security requirement, beginning November 1, 2013, providing a 30 day advance notice of revocation of operating authority.

See the notice for full details.

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