Friday, November 15, 2013

Trucking Industry: 2013 Top Issues

In October 2013, American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), released a report presenting the 2013 top issues in the trucking industry.

The new HOS regulations that went into effect in 2013 created the biggest concern in the industry, followed by CSA, driver shortage, economy, the electronic logging device mandate, truck parking, driver retention, fuel supply/fuel prices, infrastructure/congestion/funding and driver health and wellness.

You can see from the chart above, that hours-of-service and CSA account for over half the concerns within the industry.  In addition to identifying the top issues, the study also addressed proposed strategies for each issue.

See our blog next week to see what those strategies are or go to to order your copy of the ATRI’s 2013 Top Industry Issue Report.

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