Friday, May 23, 2014

Are you Ready for Roadcheck 2014?

From June 3, 2014 - June 5, 2014, an estimated 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial and federal inspectors will perform truck and bus inspections at over 2,000 locations across the US, Canada and Mexico during Roadcheck 2014. The main purpose of Roadcheck is to increase compliance with safety regulations and traffic laws to reduce crashes and save lives. During Roadcheck, three times as many inspections are conducted per day than on a normal day.

So what can drivers expect for Roadcheck 2014? The focus for Roadcheck 2014 is on hazardous materials (HM) inspections and HM safety compliance, but all other types of vehicles and cargo are also subject to inspections.

Inspections include a full visible vehicle inspection, including the vehicle’s underside.  Driver credentials, including log books, supporting documents, CDL, Bills of lading, medical cards, IFTA, IRP among other required documents may also be inspected.

For more information regarding Roadcheck 2014 see the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s May 14th webinar.

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