Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pennsylvania Intrastate vs. Interstate Fuel Tax: Demystifying PA’s MCRT & IFTA

Today, we’re taking a closer look at Fuel Tax regulations in the great Keystone State. While Pennsylvania does participate in the International Fuel Tax agreement, it also has a separate fuel tax known as the MCRT.

Do you know which registration is required for your business?

TSNAmerica knows! Let’s dig in and demystify the confusing jargon and regulations.

The Pennsylvania Motor Carriers Road Tax (MCRT) is an annual fuel tax imposed on PA intrastate carriers not participating in IFTA. The tax also applies to out-of-state carriers travelling through PA who are based in non-IFTA jurisdictions.

If you are a current IFTA license holder, then the PA MCRT does not apply to you.

MCRT levies a tax per gallon times the amount of fuel used on Pennsylvania highways; however, credits are awarded for fuel purchased in PA which tax has already been paid on.

MCRT Registrants- What do you need to do?

  • 1. Renew your MCRT account annually by purchasing the credentials. The renewal will be mailed to you each year in September and is due by December 31st.

    Our clients at TSNAmerica should have received the renewal form from us in the mail already! If you need a form, or haven’t received yours yet, give us a call!
  • 2. Display your MCRT credentials. Each year, you’ll receive 2 decals to be displayed in each taxable vehicle. A card must be placed in both the driver’s and passenger’s cab windows.
  • 3. Maintain accurate records. All mileage and fuel purchases should be regularly recorded in Trip Sheets and kept for at least 4 years along with all original receipts.

    These reports should detail all of the equipment used, the mileage per vehicle, and the fuel purchases per vehicle. Records must be submitted annually with your MCRT renewal application. Unlike IFTA, quarterly reports are not required for the Pennsylvania MCRT.

Temporary Permits are a legal alternative to Pennsylvania MCRT registration. However, the fee for a 5-day decal is steep. These permits should only be purchased as a last resort or for a one-time occurrence. TSNAmerica can obtain these permits for you fast! If you’re pressed for time, we know how to keep your business trucking without any delays.

Whether you’re strictly PA intrastate or an interstate carrier based in the Keystone State, Truck Services of North America has the know-how to get your business registered quickly and correctly.

We can file your MCRT yearly renewal or prepare your 3rd quarter IFTA filing for you! We handle all of the paperwork & calculations, completing your return based on the trip sheets you provide. And we file it directly with your base jurisdiction!

View our premier service packages, send us a Service Request Form, or call us at 803.386.0320. We’re always happy to answer questions and help a trucker in need!

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