Wednesday, January 7, 2015

4th Quarter Filing Period Opens: Time for IFTA, KYU, NY HUT & More

It’s hard to believe it’s already 2015! Around the TSNAmerica office, 2014 went by in a flash. And things don’t seem to be slowing down either.

As quickly as January arrived, it will disappear–especially when there are several quarterly tax filings due on January 31st!

As they say, time flies when you have taxes to file! Which means time will be speeding up for truckers everywhere. After all, New Year is a time for endings and beginnings. And in this case, the Renewal Season is ending, and the 4th Quarter Tax Filings are just around the bend!

As many of you know, 4th Quarter IFTA filings are due January 31st for all interstate truckers–but what about the states with additional highway use taxes, namely Kentucky, New Mexico, and New York. Do you need to file these state taxes along with IFTA? Let’s find out!

KYU: Kentucky Use Tax

This state use tax is required for all vehicles traveling through Kentucky that have a combined gross weight or licensed weight over 59,999 pounds. Farm-licensed vehicles are an exception.
A KYU license number must be obtained before you can file the quarterly tax. And don’t forget to keep accurate fuel and distance records as this tax is determined by your mileage.

New Mexico Weight-Distance Tax

The New Mexico Weight-Distance Tax is levied on heavy vehicles with a gross weight exceeding 26,000 lbs. Filed quarterly, this tax is graduated based on both the weight of the vehicle and the number of miles traveled on New Mexico roads.

In order to file, a new Tax Permit must be acquired from the NM MVD each year. If you still haven’t applied for your new permit, let us know and we can get it for you fast.

NY HUT: New York Highway Use Tax

This tax applies to all vehicles traveling on New York highways with a combined gross weight over 18,000 lbs. Use tax is also applied to unloaded trucks weighing over 8,000 lbs and unloaded tractors weighing over 4,000 lbs.

While the tax is based on the weight of the vehicle and the miles traveled on NY highways, miles accrued on toll-paid portions of the New York State Thruway are not taxable. If you only plan to travel in New York a few times this year, you may obtain trip permits instead of registering with NY HUT. Call TSNAmerica and find out what the best option for you business is.


License holders with the International Fuel Tax Agreement must submit mileage and fuel use reports to their base jurisdiction every quarter. Any unpaid fuel taxes are due at the time of filing. Also, remember that the IFTA renewal grace period extends through January and February of 2015. This grace period applies to the display of current credentials only. Once the grace period runs out, you must have your new 2015 credentials displayed in your truck or face penalties.

If you are preparing your own IFTA return, be sure to follow these Tips for Avoiding an IFTA Audit. Or you can have TSNAmerica file for you, and we’ll ensure that you don’t make those mistakes! We’ll even submit it directly to your state department.

HVUT: Bonus Item!

For vehicles with a first-used month of December 2014, the due date to file your heavy vehicle use tax is January 31st. This means that if the vehicle was purchased or first put on the road anytime during December, you must file by the end of January. Truck Services of North America can not only file your HVUT for you, we can do it same day & over the phone!

To ensure you stay on top of quarterly filings throughout the year, mark these important dates on your calendar or set reminders on your smartphone. Remember, it’s never wise to wait until the last minute, even when you have professionals filing for you!

  • 1st Quarter: January-March
    Due: April 30
  • 2nd Quarter: April-June
    Due: July 31
  • 3rd Quarter: July-September
    Due: October 31
  • 4th Quarter:October-December
    Due: January 31

It’s not too early to start preparing your quarterly taxes! We file on a first come, first served basis, so call Truck Services of North America today to reserve your place in line. We’re available at 803.386.0320, on live chat, or by email at

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