Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 31st Deadline is Here: HVUT, IFTA, KYU & More State Taxes Due

The first major deadline of the year is upon us! Saturday, January 31st marks a whole host of tax-filing deadlines for transportation businesses. If you’re strapped for time, TSNAmerica has services that can help you file efficiently and keep your focus where it belongs, on the road.

  • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax: If you have a heavy vehicle that was first purchased or put in use anytime during December 2014, then 01/31 is the deadline for you to file your HVUT Form 2290. After filing your 2290, you will receive the stamped Schedule 1, which is required for renewing your tags, IRP registration, and more. To file on-time, you can use an online E-filing service like ExpressTruckTax, or you can have TSNAmerica file over the phone! We can complete your 2290 same day with just a short phone call to gather your info. 

  • 4th Quarter IFTA Returns: Saturday is the filing deadline to report your operations from October through December of 2014. This means you’ll need all completed trip sheets with your mileage per jurisdiction, fuel purchases & fuel use per jurisdiction, as well as original fuel receipts. Personal and unloaded miles must be reported. And even if you didn’t operate this quarter, you must still file a Zero Return if you hold an IFTA license. Don’t forget that after you file, you must still retain all original documents and receipts in your base jurisdiction for at least 12 more quarters. TSNAmerica can prepare your return based on your trip sheets, but we file on a first come, first served basis, so don’t wait another second to give us a call!

  • Additional State Use Taxes: 4th Quarter Tax reportings for several state use taxes are also due this week. If you operate in Kentucky, New Mexico, or New York, then more than likely, you will need to file these state use taxes by the 31st. You will also need to obtain a tax license before filing this tax, such as the KYU Number for Kentucky or the NM Tax Permit for New Mexico. But that’s not all! Oregon Weight-Mile filings are due for those on a quarterly mileage fee basis. Your fee basis is determined by your vehicle’s weight and load contents. If you’re unsure of yours, check with the ODOT. And remember, a weight receipt must be obtained before you can operate and file the Oregon Weight-Mile tax, and this receipt must be renewed annually. 

If you need to file one or more of these taxes before the deadline, contact TSNAmerica to find out how we can help. Or visit

We have a wide array of services to meet all of your business’s filing needs. Our mission is to take the paperwork out of your way and make running your business as stress-free as possible. To start saving time and saving your sanity, simply call us at 803.386.0320, and one our happy helpers will get you started today.

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