Thursday, March 19, 2015

IRP Renewal Deadline March 31st: Know Your Responsibilities

With IRP renewal deadlines for several states coming up on the 31st, now is the perfect time to brush up on your IRP knowledge.

At Truck Services of North America, IRP is one of our specialties. Find out from the pro’s whether you’re doing all you need to stay compliant.

I.R. What?

For any newbies out there, the International Registration Plan is an agreement among the 48 contiguous states and 10 provinces of Canada for the registration of commercial motor vehicles traveling between jurisdictions. 

Each jurisdiction agrees to collect and distribute registration fees to the other jurisdictions based on your mileage in each. The more you drive in a jurisdiction, the bigger piece of your pie they get.

IRP simplifies your life by eliminating the need to have a different license plate or cab card for each state and province you operate in. Instead, your base jurisdiction furnishes you with one set of credentials to display (this varies by state), and you only need to renew and pay fees to that one base. Much easier!

What Must I Do?

  • Renew your IRP registration each year, pay your registration fees, and display your new credentials appropriately. 
  • Maintain jurisdiction-specific distance records, and make these available in your base jurisdiction in the event of an IRP Audit. Also, be sure to retain these records for at least 3 years after the close of the period. 

Is It Time for Me to Renew?

  • Illinois IRP: 03/31 is the renewal due date for all IL IRP registrants. You may submit this renewal online, or you can have TSNAmerica file for you!
  • AZ, MO, MT, UT: Some registrants in these states must renew by 03/31. Since the renewal deadlines are staggered throughout the year, check with your base state to see if it’s your turn.

If it’s time for you to renew your IRP registration, or if you aren’t even sure when you need to renew, then give Truck Services of North America a call.

Whether your state requires renewals by mail or online, we know how to file your registration quickly and correctly. The answer to all of your IRP questions lies with us! Call us now at 803.386.0320 or email us at

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