Friday, March 27, 2015

Know No Bounds: Keep Truckin' with Temporary Trip & Fuel Permits from TSNAmerica

Just when you think you have it all together, you get a call about a load that requires you to travel through a jurisdiction you’re not licensed to travel in.  

You shouldn't have to turn down a load for a lack of credentials! But you shouldn't have to register for IRP or IFTA just for a one-time occurrence either–which is exactly why temporary permits exist!

At TSNAmerica, we can not only obtain temporary trip and fuel permits, but can also obtain a myriad of other permits for your business. See everything we have to offer, and if there’s something you need, send us a Service Request Form, and we’ll get on it ASAP.

Temporary Permits

  • Temporary Trip Permit: Need to travel interstate, but don’t have IRP credentials? Then a temporary trip permit is for you! Trip permits are issued in lieu of IRP registration, and in some cases, in place of intrastate authority or state use tax credentials, such as NYHUT.

    While trip permits are a great solution for sporadic interstate travel, they are not an economical solution in the long term. If you think you’ll need permits more than 2-3 times a year, it may be better to register under IRP or the state tax license required for the jurisdictions you’re traveling in.

    Trip permits must be obtained prior to entering the jurisdiction, and since processing costs and times vary by state, it’s best to inquire as soon as you know you’ll need one.

  • Temporary Fuel Permit: Fuel permits are issued in place of registration with IFTA, the International Fuel Tax Agreement. Like Trip Permits, they must be obtained before travelling into the jurisdiction you are not licensed to operate in. 

  • Hunter’s Permit: Also known as an Unladen Permit, Hunter’s Permits are issued to leased owner-operator’s whose lease with their carrier has been terminated, forcing them to return their IRP plates & decals.

    To allow the O-O to travel interstate in search of work, this permit takes the place of IRP registration. However, the permit can only be issued to cover the unladen weight of the vehicle/trailer, so no loads can be carried under this permit. 

Seasonal Permits

  • Harvest Permit: Harvest permits are issued during harvest season to those carrying products in their natural state (which are heavier). This allows you to temporarily increase the Gross Vehicle Weight without registering at this higher weight permanently.

HazMat Permits

  • HM Safety Permit: A Hazardous Materials Safety Permit is issued to those carrying what the FMCSA considers to be dangerous or toxic substances. This includes radioactive, toxic, or combustible materials. Carriers of this permit must renew biennially according to the last 2 digits of their DOT number.

  • PHMSA Permit: This permit, known as a HazMat Certificate of Registration, is also required for those transporting specific types and quantities of hazardous materials. The kind of permit issued will vary based on the category of material, and it must be filed annually. Like the HVUT tax year, the registration year for PHMSA runs from July 1st- June 30th of the following year. Registrants who enter mid-year are still required to pay the full year’s registration fee.

    TSNAmerica can help you determine the kind of hazmat permit required, and file for you efficiently this year, and each year after.

Need a temporary trip or fuel permit fast? We’re the fastest filers in the West! And not only are we quick on the draw, we’ve got perfect aim and file everything right the first time!

Call us now for help obtaining your permits or registrations at 803.386.0320 or email us at

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