Friday, May 1, 2015

IFTA Late Filing Penalties: Get Your Account Back in Good Standing!

The April 30th filing deadline has officially passed!

Were you able to file on time? If your first quarter IFTA, NM Weight-Distance, Oregon Weight-Mile, NY HUT, or KYU returns are late, Truck Services of North America is here to rescue you!

But we can’t help unless you give us a call, so get ready to drop what you’re doing and pick up the phone (unless of course, you’re reading this on your phone).

The sooner you act, the lower the penalties you will face. What penalties exactly? Let’s have a look.

Late IFTA Filing Penalties

You must file your return AND pay all of the taxes due by the deadline date, or your return is considered late and subject to these penalties:

  • You must pay the greater of $50 or 10% of the net tax due to all member jurisdictions.
  • Additionally, interest accrues on the tax you owe at a rate of 1% per month.
  • Your jurisdiction will assess interest on a monthly basis, so even if you’re only 1 or 2 days late, the full 1% interest will be applied. It is not prorated. 

Get Back on Track

That’s the bad news. But the good news is that TSNAmerica has IFTA Filing Services that can get even the latest of late filers back on track.

We file IFTA and State Use Tax returns every day of the year! Here are some of the filing services we offer:

  • IFTA Basic- $75 per quarter + State Fees

    Send us your total miles and fuel purchases each quarter, and we’ll complete your return and file it directly with your state.
  • IFTA Premium- $110 per quarter + State Fees

    We’ll calculate your mileage per jurisdiction and fuel tax based on your trip sheets and fuel receipts. Then we’ll complete your return and file it for you. (Audit not included.)
  • IFTA Complete- $150 per quarter + State FeesThe ultimate IFTA service! This includes everything you need to get your quarterly IFTA filed with minimal effort and minimal risk of being audited. This service includes a thorough audit of your information to decrease the risk of errors. We check for state adjacency and gaps in odometer readings and review fuel purchases for consistency. 

And don’t forget: we also file quarterly State Use Tax returns. And fast! To see our entire line-up of services, head over to, and then send us a Service Request Form. Your wish is our command!

Not sure how to get back on track? Call us and we’ll talk about how to get your IFTA or State Tax account back in good standing. Our happy helpers are standing by at 803.386.0320. You can also email us at

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