Thursday, July 16, 2015

TSNA: Trucking News Update

It seems like just about every week this summer there’s been something monumental or groundbreaking happening in the Trucking Nation. Whether it's a new law or bill, new rig technology, or another tax deadline to remember, this summer has been quite a busy time for the trucking industry. Take a look below, and we’ll tell you about all the new and interesting additions to the trucking industry so far this summer.

Summer Trucking News Updates

Fuel Tax Increase: While for some this is more of a slight annoyance than it is news, for truckers this can be quite a costly issue. Since July 1, seven states have increased their fuel taxes, including Idaho, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Rhode Island, Nebraska, and most recently Washington state. If your state or a state you travel through isn’t included in the list, it could be next. Many other states and even some Canadian provinces are still considering a spike in fuel taxes.

House Announces New Short-Term Funding Bill: Just this week, the House of Representatives has unveiled a new short-term highway bill, the third bill since MAP-21’s expiration last year. The current funding is set to expire July 31, and the new bill would extend that funding to the end of the year. The funding would help the nearly bankrupt Highway Trust Fund by pumping in close to $8.5 billion from the nation’s general fund.

Samsung Announces New Smart Truck: At the end of last month, Samsung unveiled its newest addition to the tech industry, the smart truck. The smart truck was created to first be used in Argentina, where there is nearly one traffic fatality every hour, with many coming from drivers attempting to speed around semi trucks. The truck actually contains a camera on the front and a TV screen on the back, which shows the view from the front of the truck, essentially allowing drivers to “see around the truck.” While it may be some time before we see these on US highways, if they prove to limit traffic fatalities, it may be sooner rather than later.

Kentucky Emergency Exemption: On July 14th, Kentucky announced an emergency exemption for all utility vehicles operating in the state due to severe weather. This allows these vehicles an exemption from the standard hours of service requirements, mandatory stoppage at weigh stations, IRP registration, and also from obtaining oversize/overweight temporary permits. Keep in mind that these exemptions are not for all trucks, only those helping with relief efforts. The exemption is in place through the 23rd of July.

IRS Offices by Appointment Only: The IRS announced that for this Heavy Vehicle Use Tax season, 10% of its offices will be available by appointment only. So if you’re used to going up to your local IRS office and waiting in line, you may have to alter your plans a bit.

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Thanks for reading Trucking Nation, we hope you enjoyed the news update. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates from TSNAmerica.

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