Friday, November 20, 2015

Trucking Industry Update

Well folks, as the year comes to a close, it's busy time again in the Trucking Nation. In addition to all the fun that comes with year-end registrations and renewals, there are a lot of other trucking related happenings going on that we think you should know about. Why? Because you're a trucker, and you like to be aware of your surroundings. And at TSNAmerica, we like to keep our favorite truckers (that's you) as informed as possible.

Trucking News and Regulations

E-log Mandate:

Yeah we know, you’ve heard all about this one and every time you hear about it, it's something different. Well, we’re here to continue that trend! This rule has been all over the place the last few months, and while many of your were probably hoping it would kind of, you know, just disappear, it unfortunately looks like it’s here to stay.

Just this week the final rule outlining the specifications of the e-log mandate cleared the White House Office of Management and Budget. The review process took longer than planned, but technically the rule was able to clear four days ahead of the FMCSA’s original schedule. The final rule is still on track to be published into the Federal Register on November 30. So as much as you may be itching to find out more about this regulation and how it’s going to affect you, you’ll have to wait patiently just like the rest of us!

Highway Bill:

While you most likely are already familiar with the new highway bill (or should be, anyway), the bill is finally nearing reality, which would make it the nation’s first long-term highway bill in nearly a decade.

If you heard about this months ago and are wondering what the heck took so long, it’s mostly due to all the fine details in the bill that needed to be sorted out. Part of the bill, the Surface Transportation Restoration and Reform Act was recently passed by the house, and the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act was passed by the Senate. Not sure what these acts are or what they entail? Well we wouldn’t worry about those too much if we were you. All you need to know is this is the government’s way of trying to improve the conditions of your roads as fast as possible. About time right? Judging by the current condition of the nation’s roads, the final passage and implementation of this bill can’t come soon enough.

When exactly will that be? Well if you’d quit asking so many questions we’d tell you! Just kidding, we’ll tell you anyway. Under the extension of the short-term highway fix, Congress has until December 4, 2015 to make a final decision, with a possible vote coming any day. So either way, it won’t be long before this one gets passed, Trucking Nation.

So as always, you’re welcome for making you the most informed trucker on the road. Stay tuned for more updates, because we’re chock full of 'em and we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on all the latest trucking happenings. And remember, if you have any questions, or need any assistance getting your pesky UCR registration taken care of before the deadline, just give us a call at 803.386.0320, or email us at!

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