Friday, November 6, 2015

The End of the Year is Near: Time for UCR and NYHUT Renewals!

Well congrats Trucking Nation, you’ve officially made it through the third quarter alive. And now you’re all done with taxes and registration for the year! Just kidding.

Sorry to get your hopes up, but you’ve still got a lot left to do before the year’s end. So let’s take a quick look to see what’s coming up, and as always, how we can help!

UCR Registration

UCR Registration is mandatory as part of the Unified Carrier Registration Agreement, and is required for carriers that operate interstate. While the program is overseen by the federal government, it is administered by participating states. If you operate in a participating state, you must register with your base jurisdiction, and pay the required fees. As for the fees, they’re based on the total number of vehicles used or leased by a particular individual or company.

If you operate intrastate only, you may be in luck! Or you may have to pay anyway; it just depends on your state. For example, if you live in Georgia or another state that uses the PRISM program, even if you only operate intrastate, you still have to pay UCR fees. Keep in mind state requirements often change from year to year, so be sure that you’re always up to date of the rules and regulations of your base state, or any state you operate in. If you have any questions about a particular state, just give us a shout and we’ll make sure you’re the most well-informed trucker on the road!

The deadline for UCR registration? You guessed it, it’s the end of the year, December 31. If you guessed wrong, well, then at least you know the correct date now.

So if you haven’t already done so, stop procrastinating and make it happen!


As most of you already know, or should know at least, if you operate in the state of New York with a vehicle that weighs 26,000 pounds or more, you get a special benefit. What's the benefit? Use tax! That’s right, you get the honor and privilege of paying to help keep the highways you know and love in good shape. OK, so it might not be much of a benefit, and actually more of a burden when you think about it; but hey, sometimes "you gotta do what you gotta do." And if you operate in New York and meet the qualifications, then, unfortunately, this is something you gotta do.

If you have to pay this special use tax, then you’ll need to be registered with the state, and have a New York HUT certificate. Now many of you are probably thinking, how often do I have to do renew this stupid certificate? Well friend, we’ve got some good news and bad news for you. The good news: you only have to renew it once every three years. The bad news: this is the year you have to renew. So before the end of the year, you’ll need to get that taken care if to ensure that you’re operating legally.

Now that we’ve given you all this great information, you’re probably wondering how to actually get your renewals done. Well, do you want the easy way or the hard way? We’ll assume you like things easy, because who doesn’t, right? So just give us a call at (803).386.0320, and let us show you just how easy it can be. Let TSNAmerica take the paperwork out of your way, so you can get back to your day!

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