Friday, May 27, 2016

Avoid Late Penalties and Pre-file Form 2290 Today With TSNAmerica

We know, we know… 2290 season doesn’t even start until July. Well, for most people that is.

But here at TSNAmerica, we do things a little differently, and 2290 season here is already underway!

That’s right, we’re offering pre-filing of your 2290’s right now so you can avoid those annoying penalties and late-filing fees down the road.

Why Should I Pre-file Form 2290?

Because then you don’t have to deal with annoying 2290s until next July!

And you’ll also get a lot of other benefits:

Even though you’re pre-filing, you aren’t pre-paying your taxes! That’s right, you won’t have to pay any taxes until July 1 if you choose to pay with Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW).

And if you choose to pay by check or money order, you'll have until August 31! That's over three full months to save up for your taxes.

Not to mention, you can still use the same three tax payment methods the IRS accepts: Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS, and Check/Money Order.

Plus, pre-filing gives you more time (two months to be exact!) to amend your return if it gets rejected or if you make a simple filing mistake.

And your return will be at the very top of the stack when the IRS begins processing returns on July 1. Which means you’ll get your Stamped Schedule 1 before everyone else, too!

How Do I Pre-File Form 2290?

Just give your friends at TSNAmerica a call at 803.386.0320! Once you do, we’ll get all the information we need to pre-file your 2290 for you.

And then on July 1 once the IRS begins accepting 2016-17 returns, we’ll officially transmit your return for you.

And as soon as they accept it, we’ll email you your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes!

So stop waiting around and beat the crowd this year by pre-filing Form 2290 with TSNAmerica today!

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