Friday, May 13, 2016

Trucking Nation News Update

It’s been a while, but we’re finally back with more trucking news updates for you, Trucking Nation! You may not have realized it since you’ve been busy in your rig, but there’s a lot going on in the realm of trucking. Take a look and see!

IRS Adds 700 New Employees for Audits

The IRS has officially announced that it will be adding 700 employees to its audit personnel. Not great news for anyone that didn’t do their taxes correctly this year.

But even if you didn’t, don’t worry too much, because the IRS is currently only auditing about .84 percent of individual taxpayers, so less than 1 in 100 filers. Although since the IRS recently claimed that they were severely underfunded and would have to cut jobs, this announcement to up their audit force comes as quite the surprise. Although you truckers should know as well as anyone else, nothing the IRS does is really surprising anymore.

Form 2290 Season is Underway

“But wait, doesn’t 2290 season start in July??” Well yes, technically it does. But your friends at TSNAmerica are ahead of the game, as usual, and we’re starting things a little early this year. How early, you ask? Well here at TSNAmerica, 2290 season is already underway!

That’s right, we’ve already started accepting pre-filed Form 2290s for the 2016-17 tax year. So for those truckers that want to get their 2290 out of the way and forget about it until next July, just give us a call!

Diesel Prices Continue to Skyrocket

Diesel prices hit $2.27 per gallon on average last week, up from $1.98 in February, according to the Energy Information Administration. Costs are reportedly rising due to a growing demand for diesel in both the US and abroad, along with the globally rising oil prices.

Most carriers have been increasing fuel surcharges as costs rise, but so far many have not been able to keep up.

Hopefully, this trend won’t be continuing much longer!

So now that you’re all up to date on the latest information in the trucking world, you can back to trucking! Well, after you call us at 803.386.0320 that is, and pre-file your 2290! Why wait until July when you could stop worrying about it today?

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