Monday, October 29, 2012

eManifest Compliance For Highway Carriers Begins Nov 1, 2012

What is eManifest?
eManifest is about getting the right information at the right time, making the border smarter and more secure.  This will allow the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to identify potential threats to Canada, while facilitating the movement of low-risk shipments across the border.

The law that was passed in June 2009, allows the CBSA to mandate various members of the trade community to submit pre-arrival data for risk assessment purposes.

The CBSA completed the deployment of electronic systems (Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and eManifest Portal) for highway carriers to transmit cargo and conveyance data in 2011.

An informed compliance period for highway carriers is set to begin November 1, 2012, and remain in effect until May 2013, during which carriers will not be denied entry to Canada or subject to penalties for eManifest non-compliance. Beginning in May 2013, eManifest highway carrier requirements are expected to be mandatory and non-compliant carriers could be subject to penalties.

Find out more about the latest information and requirements for highway carriers regarding eManifest.

Stay informed of the changes in the laws that are put in place to make our roads safer.  Truck Services of North America supports all efforts to keep our roads safe and to inform you of the laws so you can avoid penalties, fines and possible license suspensions.

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