Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beware of Email Scams in Connecticut

More email scams have been reported, this time in Connecticut.  See the Press Release from Commissioner Sullivan of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services:
Hartford – Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan today alerted taxpayers about emails claiming to have information about refunds from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Commissioner Sullivan advised that neither DRS nor the IRS notify taxpayers about refunds via email, adding, “Scammers use these emails to elicit sensitive personal information that can be used to steal a taxpayer’s identity. They also use emails like this to trick users into downloading malware that sends information back to the criminals about bank accounts, credit cards, and passwords.”
Commissioner Sullivan said the emails he has seen claim that a calculation error has resulted in a refund and asks the taxpayer to follow a link to a website to claim the refund.
“Under no circumstances should you open any links or respond to these emails,” Commissioner Sullivan warned. Instead, taxpayers with any questions about the validity of communications they have received should contact the agency through its website or
Taxpayers may also call DRS with any questions about bills or letters at (800) 382-9463 (within Connecticut but outside the greater Hartford area) or (860) 297-5962 (from anywhere).
Taxpayers who believe they have received a scam email are encouraged to report it to the Federal Trade Commission at:
Connecticut residents who believe they have been the victim of identity theft should report the matter to the Department of Consumer Protection at
Media calls should be directed to the communications office at (860) 297-5610 or emailed to

At Truck Services of North America, we are keeping you informed by making you aware of scams that out there so you can avoid being taken advantage of!

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