Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Truck Services of North America!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family at Truck Services of North America!

A Letter of Gratitude

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of you, not just to our TSNAmerica clients (who are awesome, by the way!), but to everyone in the transportation industry!

We love serving those in the trucking industry because of the monumental service you all provide for our nation. Days like Thanksgiving wouldn’t be possible without all of the fresh food that you delivered to our local markets.

And then there’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping, and that oh-so-handy expedited shipping–none of which would be possible without you working around the clock. Last minute Christmas shoppers (like me) would be out of luck if it weren’t for the truckers willing to drive through the night.

So in this season where we remind ourselves to give thanks for everything, big and small, we want to thank you, the transportation professionals always working behind the scenes and rarely getting the appreciation you deserve.

Thank you for your constant service and dedication to safety. We’re grateful that we can serve you!

Thanksgiving Festivities

Every year, the TSNAmerica team gets together with the entire SPAN Enterprises family for a huge Thanksgiving Potluck! 

Everyone brings their signature holiday dishes, and we always bring way too much and have plenty of leftovers. Amidst the feast of three giant turkeys (they're call it that in the history books) was green bean casserole, mac and cheese, mashed cauliflower, dressing, corn casserole, and every other scrumptious side you can think of. And that didn't even include dessert.

Of course before we indulged, we had to remember those in the community who are less fortunate, so we donated hundreds of canned vegetables to a local children's and homeless shelter, Pilgrims' Inn! Nothing  beats the feeling of giving back!

And no Thanksgiving party would be complete without games! We had a corn cob eating contest, a turkey-drawing contest, a turkey-imitating contest, AND we played pin the feather on the turkey! Here's support specialist, Staci, searching for her turkey. This story has a happy ending. Staci found her turkey and successfully pinned a feather on the tail!

And then came the food. While we were chowing down, each of us shared what we are thankful for this year. Here were some of the responses:
  • TSNAmerica Manager Carrie is thankful for the new roof over her head and thankful that the hail storm this year was the only bad weather we had to deal with in SC!
  • Amber, one of our support specialists, is grateful for the simple things in life that we often take for granted, like faith, family, friends, love & music.
  • Staci, the newest member of our support team, gave thanks for her tight-knit circle of friends who is always there to cheer her up and cheer her on!
To see what everyone else in the SPAN family is thankful for, check out the SPAN Facebook page!

SPAN Family Photo

Holiday Support Hours

To spend time with our families, our offices will be closed this Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28. However, we'll still be available for email assistance at! We'll be back on the phones and online chat Monday.

We hope you all get the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Drive safely!

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