Friday, April 17, 2015

Everything You Need to Know about IFTA– in a Webinar!


Guess what we’ve been up to...

If you guessed preparing 1st Quarter IFTA returns, then you’re right!

As the April 30th deadline for IFTA approaches, we’re getting busier by the day.

But even in the midst of IFTA madness, we still found time to guest star on a webinar yesterday!

That’s right–our very own processing specialist to the stars, Amber Tabb, co-hosted a TruckLogics webinar yesterday. You’ve probably heard us mention TruckLogics before.

Our good friends and partners, TruckLogics is a cloud-based business management solution with packages for any and every kind of transportation professional out there.

Whether you’re a company driver, leased operator, owner-operator, or fleet manager, TruckLogics has an affordable package with exactly the features you need to streamline recordkeeping and have a healthier bottom line.

We often recommend TruckLogics to our clients! Their One-click Trip Sheets feature makes keeping up with trip data a breeze, which not only helps you at the end of each quarter– it helps us too! The more organized your trip sheets are, the easier the filing process. Plus the risk of errors is lowered significantly!

If you missed Amber’s appearance on this informative webinar, have no fear! Here’s a recording of the session.

No time to watch? Here are some of the topics we covered and the minute you can find them at:

  • 1. IFTA Basics (4:30): Who needs IFTA? How do you stay IFTA compliant? What filing services does TSNAmerica offer for IFTA?
  • 2. Temporary Permits (5:50): TSNAmerica can help you obtain temporary trip and fuel permits if you need to travel interstate but don’t have the appropriate IRP or IFTA licensure. 
  • 3. Business Startup Services (6:25): Whether you just need an EIN or USDOT# or you’d like to obtain your own operating authority, we can help with all of the many forms you’ll need to file. 
  • 4. Other Services (9:55): We can file IRP and UCR renewals, annual HVUT returns, and State Use Tax licenses and quarterly filings (like NY HUT, KYU, Oregon Weight-Mile & NM Weight-Distance). 
  • 5. How you can get on our Deadline Reminder List (17:35): We remind all of our clients of upcoming deadlines via phone and email. Call us to learn more! (803.386.0320)

Best of all, we were able to get a special deal for our TSNAmerica clients! If you’d like to try TruckLogics, you can get a free 45 day deluxe trial with promocode TSNA. There’s no credit card required. Simply create a login and see how you like it.

If you need help with your 1st Quarter IFTA filings, don’t wait another day! We won’t bite (unless you wait until the day before it’s due). Call us now at 803.386.0320 to get started now! You can also send us a message via live chat or email at

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