Friday, March 18, 2016

IFTA: How to Get Ready for the End of the 1st Quarter

Well just like that, another IFTA quarter has come and gone, and it’s about ready to be put in the books (so to speak).

But the real question is, have you been keeping up with this quarter’s IFTA information correctly in your books?

If you haven’t been keeping track of anything other than the mileage you’ve driven in your logbook, then the answer is probably not.

But don’t worry, your friends at TSNAmerica are here to save the day yet again, and we can help you get ready for the end of the 1st quarter. How? Keep reading and find out!

The IFTA 1st Quarter is Coming to a Close

If you'd like to avoid running around in a frenzied panic before the deadline like last quarter, you'll need to have all your information ready beforehand.

The first thing you'll need to have is an accurate breakdown of your mileage. This could be kept through log books, E-logs, or even with trip sheets.

The second thing you’ll need to have is your fuel receipts, and those receipts will need to have the following information:

  • Place/state of purchase
  • Address of purchase
  • Type of fuel
  • Amount of fuel 
  • Amount of sale 

Note: These do not have to be the original copies of your receipts, you can make your own copies! Although the original copies do need to be kept in a safe place in your records, just in case you do ever face an IFTA audit.

And if you aren’t sure of the best way to keep copies of your receipts, check out TruckLogics! With TruckLogics' trucking management program, you can easily upload pictures of your fuel receipts straight from your phone with their mobile application.

Sure sounds better than keeping a pile of wadded-up receipts on your dashboard, huh?

How Can I Get Someone to File my IFTA Return for Me?

Now there’s the million-dollar question. Well, maybe not a million-dollar question; we sure hope your IFTA taxes aren’t that much! But anyway, you get the gist -- it’s a great question. And the answer is easier than you might think. Just call us! That’s right, if you need an IFTA specialist to help you get your IFTA return taken care of, just give us a ring.

We’re just one ring away. Or maybe two -- but either way we’re pretty quick about picking up the phone. Try us and see!

All you’ll need to do is collect your mileage records and fuel records, then send them all over to us and we’ll get to work! Just give us a call today to get started or you can simply fill out our service request form.

So don’t let the end of the IFTA quarter get you down. Start getting your information together and give us a call at 803.386.0320! Sure beats doing it yourself, right?

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