Friday, March 25, 2016

What is MATS?: All About the Mid-America Trucking Show

We’re officially a few weeks away from MATS time, and you know what that means? You’ll be seeing us soon! That’s right, we’ll be heading up to see you all in Louisville at MATS once again this year.

But even though it’s one of the most popular events for truckers in the United States, a lot of folks are still a little confused about what exactly MATS is. So take a look and we’ll go through all the fun, and we’ll even tell you how you can find us there!

What is MATS?

So MATS stands for the Mid-America Trucking Show, and the show is held every year in Louisville, Kentucky for truckers and enthusiasts everywhere to come to join together in appreciation of this great industry.

What Can I Do at MATS?

I think the real question is, what can’t you do at MATS? Well, in all seriousness, there’s an awful lot you can’t do there, but let’s take a quick look at what all you can do at the 2019 edition of MATS.

The full weekend at MATS includes:

The MATS Fleet Forum

MATS hosts a Fleet Forum every year, which combines the experience and resources of the publications Fleet Owner and Heavy Duty Trucking. The forum is a conference for fleet execs and commercial vehicle industry VIPs to get an in-depth look at the future of equipment and trucking. 

MATS Seminars

In addition to the fleet forum, MATS also provides attendees with trucking seminars, providing “must-know” trucking information for companies, fleets, and trucking professionals. And the best part -- all of the seminars are free and require no advanced registration. So all you have to do is show up!

PKY Truck Beauty Championship

This year officially marks the 30th edition of the PKY Truck Beauty Championship, an annual show to find the most beautiful rig in the US. The show is officially the largest grouping of trucks in the country, as each tries to take home the crown of the nation’s premier truck beauty show. To find the truck show, just visit Lot “J” behind the West Wing!

Annual MATS Concert

Of course, it isn’t MATS without a concert, and this year is no different. Just like every year, MATS will be hosting a free concert on the first night of the event (Friday, March 31). This year, you’ll be able to check out Craig Morgan! If you need tickets, just check out the Exhibitor’s booth on Thursday evening or Friday morning to pick yours up!

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