Friday, March 11, 2016

The 5 Best Apps for Truckers on the Road

Ever been waiting in your cab while getting your truck loaded or unloaded and thought, “man, I wish I had something to do?” Probably not, because you’re not the complaining type, but we both know that as a trucker there's a lot of downtime during pickups and drop-offs. And that’s why today, we’ve got a list of the best apps to help you out as a trucker and to give you some entertainment on the road -- so take a look!

Download These for Some On-the-Road Entertainment

Streaming Apps

Yeah we know, just saying streaming apps is a little bit vague. But, it really all depends on your preferences. If you’re an avid sports fan, then the WatchESPN app is your new best friend, allowing you to watch live sporting events from around the globe for free. If you’re more of a movie watcher, HBO GO or Netflix might be for you. And if you’re a network TV kinda trucker, then Hulu might be your cup of tea. So no matter what you like to watch, there’s a streaming app just for you.


When you’re on the road for a living, it can be tough being so far away from your loved ones. But that’s the great thing about 2016, you can always speak to them face to face! Just download Skype (or FaceTime if you have an iPhone) and you can video chat with them anywhere you have an Internet connection. It may not be the same as being with them, but it’s definitely the next best thing!

Download These to Make Life as a Trucker a Little Easier

Trucker Path
Trucker Path is an app designed just for truckers, and they must be doing something right because they have over 300,000 active users a month. That’s right 300,000 truckers use this app every month! But anyway, the app has several different versions to provide different functions, and provides information on rest stops, real-time parking updates, and even a load/dispatch board for you to get some extra business!


And while we’re still on the topic of apps built specifically for truck drivers, we felt we had to bring up TruckLogics. And unfortunately, many truckers out there aren’t aware of the fact that operating a truck is essentially owning your own business. And what better way to keep track of everything you need than a trucking management tool built to do exactly that! With TruckLogics, you can dispatch loads, create and send invoices, track your mileage and fuel purchases, and even find the most optimal route for your trip. And if this hasn’t already sold you, they also offer a free 30-day trial for new users.

So now you know all about the most useful apps for truckers on the road. Hopefully, we gave you an app to help with just about everything! And don’t forget that we can make your lives easier too, by taking care of your permits, registrations, taxes, operating authority, and anything else you can think of. So give us a call at 803.386.0320 and let us make your life a little easier!

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