Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today is Deadline to File 4th Quarter IFTA

The deadline to file 4th Quarter IFTA Return is today!! You must file a return even if you did not run during the quarter.  You would just file a “zero” report.

Failure to file a return, filing a late return, or failure to remit any or all tax due will result in a penalty of $50.00 or 10% of the net tax due to all member jurisdictions, whichever is greater.  Interest is computed on all delinquent taxes dues each jurisdiction at a rate of 1% per month.  Even if you have a net refund, interest still applies to each jurisdiction for any underpayment of fuels use tax to that jurisdiction and is calculated beginning the day after the due date of the return for each month, or fraction of a month, until paid. So the longer you are late, the more you will owe.

The deadline for 4th quarter IFTA returns is today, January 31st, so if you have not yet filed your return, you will want to file it now to avoid penalties and interest.
Today is also the deadline to file 4th Quarter KYU, NY HUT, Oregon Weight-Mile Tax and New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Returns. At Truck Services of North America, we make it simple by preparing and filing your quarterly returns for you. TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way.  Contact us at or call 803.386.0320.

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