Friday, January 11, 2013

UCR Enforcement Date Extended

2013 UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) Renewals were due December 31, 2012.  If you have not already done so, you will want to renew or register now to avoid possible fines/penalties.  The original enforcement date of January 1, 2013, has been extended until February 1, 2013, so you still have time.

States collect fees from motor carriers, motor private carriers, freight forwarders, brokers and leasing companies, based on the number of qualifying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in their fleets. The revenues generated will be used for enforcement of motor carrier safety programs.

Who is Subject to UCR?  
All motor carriers (for-hire, private and exempt) – as well as brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies operating in interstate or international commerce are subject to the new UCR.   Entities based in Canada and Mexico that are involved in interstate or international commerce in the United States are also subject to UCR.  

From the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Inspection Bulletin released on January 1, 2013:
It should be noted that SAFER ( only displays three years of UCR registration information, therefore beginning February 1, 2013, roadside enforcement should only involve the 2011, 2012 and 2013 UCR registration years. No UCR Credential is required to be carried in the commercial motor vehicle, but you can carry a copy of your UCR receipt if you choose to.

As a premier processing agency, Truck Services of North America can assist you in obtaining your UCR.  TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way. Contact us to file your UCR today to avoid possible fines and/or penalties. For more details contact us at or call 803.386.0320.

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