Wednesday, September 11, 2013

EIN Mandatory for Form 2290 Filing

An EIN is an Employer Identification Number, also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and can be used to verify a business entity. An EIN is usually required in order to file a tax return for a business. If you are filing Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), you must have an EIN to file the return. The IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers for the Form 2290.

If you need to file Form 2290 for vehicles first used in August the due date to file is September 30, 2013. If you do not have an EIN, Truck Services of North America take care of it for you. We will be able to get your EIN immediately, but it may take the IRS up to 10 business days to update your new EINs into their system; so you will want to get your EIN today!
As a premier processing agency, Truck Services of North America can get your EIN and file your Form 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax for you.  TSNA takes the paperwork out of your way. Check out all our services at and fill out the Service Request Form, email us at or call 803.386.0320.

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